Birth of the U.S. Post Office
By: Ed Siskin

Dec 8 , 2015
Our speaker for December was Ed Siskin, who gave an excellent PowerPoint presentation entitled “Birth of the U.S. Post Office.”  Ed began his talk on the postal situation existing in 1774, with 72 post offices in the nation.  He then discussed the many events leading up to the American Revolution, including William Goddard’s attempt to start a Constitutional Post. Ed discussed the extent of cen...

Illustrated School and College Advertising covers
By: Michael Heller

Nov 10 , 2015
Michael Heller presented on “Illustrated School and College Advertising covers.”   Michael showed a fair number of advertising covers that depicted public and private colleges, universities, seminaries and K-12 schools.  He provided brief comments on most of these institutions, many of which continue (in one form or another) to the present day.  These covers spanned the period 1850 to 1...

Telegraph in America
By: George Kramer

Oct 13 , 2015
George Kramer presented on the “Telegraph in America” at our October 13 meeting.  He put together a very professional Powerpoint presentation, in addition to displaying a large number of covers and telegrams from his award-winning exhibit. George first discussed the history of telegraphy, including the roles of both Samuel Morse and his assistant, Alfred Vail.  He then showed many rare postal m...

Transatlantic Adhesive Stamped Mail
By: Carol Bommarito

Sep 8 , 2015
Carol Bommarito, our speaker on September 8, presented a wonderful array of scarce covers during her talk on “Transatlantic Adhesive Stamped Mail.”  Many of these covers, which focus on transatlantic mail to or from the U.S. during the period 1845 to 1870, were taken from her recent Gold medal exhibit. The presentation started with a NY Postmaster Provisional used on cover to France (1845), fol...

Inland Waterways
By: Dan Ryterband

Jun 9 , 2015
Dan Ryterband, our June speaker, presented a fabulous array of covers on the topic of “Inland Waterways.”  After first discussing the early history of steamboats and ship mail, Dan presented many different examples of steamboat mail and agent markings, all in very fine condition.  With each item, he explained the postal rates and some of the fascinating details of the various steamboats involved. ...

Hanover, NH – The rest of the story!
By: Terence Hines

May 12 , 2015
Our May speaker was Terence Hines, who presented “Hanover, NH – The rest of the story!” Having collected the postal history of this town for many years, Terry showed us a wide range of local postal history material ranging from the later 1700s to more modern times.   Postal markings included: star killers; negative “H” killer; flag cancels; M.O.B. handstamps; fancy registered handstamps a...

Valentines delivered by Local Posts
By: Larry Lyons

Apr 14 , 2015
Larry Lyons, our speaker on April 14, gave a fascinating presentation on “Valentines delivered by Local Posts.”  After providing us with a brief history of valentines, Larry went on to show many examples of beautiful valentines and the covers used to mail them during the 1840 to 1860 time period.  As noted below, the postal markings and adhesive stamps varied from rare to unique. The valentines...

New York to California Mails
By: Tom Mazza

Mar 10 , 2015
Tom Mazza, our speaker on March 10, presented a wealth of postal history material that documented the evolution of “New York to California mails.”  Starting with the first contract mail in 1848, Tom provided us with many rare to unique examples of stampless and stamped mail sent over various postal routes during the 1850s and 1860s. Some of the highlights of this presentation included:  only co...

19th Century Boston, Illustrated
By: Michael Heller

Feb 10 , 2015
Michael Heller presented at the February 10 meeting on the topic “19th Century Boston, Illustrated.”  The focus here was on illustrated advertising covers that depicted various hotels, factories and businesses in Boston, between 1850 and the 1890s.   The talk started with a blue cameo advertising cover from the American House, circa 1852, that depicted the hotel prior to its 1851 enlarg...

One-Frame Members’ Exhibit
By: Members

Jan 13 , 2015
Michael Laurence began the presentations with his fun exhibit on Elvis Presley stamps and covers.  This included a very rare cover from Grenada, one of four known.  Peter Miselis followed with his exhibit on Pan American Exposition postal history, with a focus on covers and postcards related to the assassination of William McKinley. Dan Ryterband showed a large selection of stamp proofs, includ...

Hanover, New Hampshire Postal History
By: Michael Laurence

Dec 9 , 2014
Michael Laurence was our speaker for December on the topic “Hanover, NH postal history.”  After first discussing collector interest in home town cover collecting, he produced a very comprehensive showing of the different types of postal markings used in this well-known town (home to Dartmouth College), both on stampless and stamped covers. Michael first showed a wide range of straight line post...

Columbian Potpourri, Up Close
By: Marvin Platt

Nov 11 , 2014
Marvin Platt, our speaker for November on the topic “Columbian Potpourri, Up Close”, provided us with a comprehensive review of important postal stationery associated with the Columbian Exposition of 1893, including both envelopes and postal cards. The presentation started with an original pencil drawing of the two cent Columbian envelope indicia and then went on to illustrate the order of prod...

Economic Information from Postal Documents
By: Terence Hines

Oct 14 , 2014
Terence Hines spoke on “Economic Information from Postal Documents” at our Chapter meeting on October 14.  He first discussed the relationship between postmaster income and mail volume (which was very directly related), and then described how postmaster compensation could be related to economic activity across the U.S. at any specific point in time. Terence noted how GDP and nationwide postal i...

U.S. Stamped Revenue Paper
By: Roger Brody

Sep 9 , 2014
Our speaker for September was Roger Brody, on the topic “U.S. Stamped Revenue Paper”.  While Roger was relatively new to this particular collecting area, he put together a rather impressive PowerPoint presentation that reflected his considerable knowledge of this somewhat esoteric subject. Roger’s presentation provided us with an in-depth history of various forms of taxation in both the Colonie...

Free Franks
By: Ed Siskin

Jun 10 , 2014
Ed Siskin, our June speaker, gave us a very thorough and fascinating presentation on the topic of “Free Franks.”  Starting with the early British origins of free franking of mail, Ed then discussed early Colonial mails in the U.S., leading up to the Revolution, and the franking rules set out by the Continental Congress.  His presentation included many examples of free franking in the early 1700’s....