Columbian Potpourri, Up Close
By: Marvin Platt

Nov 11 , 2014

Marvin Platt, our speaker for November on the topic “Columbian Potpourri, Up Close”, provided us with a comprehensive review of important postal stationery associated with the Columbian Exposition of 1893, including both envelopes and postal cards.

The presentation started with an original pencil drawing of the two cent Columbian envelope indicia and then went on to illustrate the order of production of both the essays and the actual envelopes.  He described many details of the various dies used and how the paper was produced.  He also displayed various printing and paper errors, including albinos and double impressions.

Marvin then illustrated postal stationery color errors (two cent and five cent), many different types of World’s Fair postal markings, and the various postal cards issued for use during the fair.  All in all, it was quite a treat for any collector of postal stationery or World’s Fair material!