Transatlantic Adhesive Stamped Mail
By: Carol Bommarito

Sep 8 , 2015

Carol Bommarito, our speaker on September 8, presented a wonderful array of scarce covers during her talk on “Transatlantic Adhesive Stamped Mail.”  Many of these covers, which focus on transatlantic mail to or from the U.S. during the period 1845 to 1870, were taken from her recent Gold medal exhibit.

The presentation started with a NY Postmaster Provisional used on cover to France (1845), followed by the first use of a regular issue U.S. stamp (1847) on a cover sent across the Atlantic (to Ireland).  Other first issue covers included: two 10 cent stamps plus one 5 cent stamp used from Philadelphia to Liverpool; 5 cent stamp on cover to German states; 5 cent to Netherlands; and pair of 5 cent 1847 issue to Belgium.

Other highlights:  Re-directed covers with both U.S. and Great Britain stamps; two pairs 12 cent imperf to Ireland; block of 8 three cent 1861 issue; pair 12 cent black on Union Patriotic to England; allover Union patriotic with 24 cent stamp to England; and 90 cent 1861 issue to New South Wales.

More highlights:  90 cent 1861 issue to Shanghai; 30 cent 1861 issue used to Cape of Good Hope; 24 cent stamp used to Natal; 15 cent plus 30 cent 1861 issues to Zanzibar; 24 cent stamp used to Burma (only known use); 3-color use to Calcutta; 4-color use to Germany; 30 cent 1869 issue to Java;  and covers reflecting 1861 or 1869 issue stamps used to many other destinations including:  Russia, Turkey; Hungary, Syria and Siam.