Telegraph in America
By: George Kramer

Oct 13 , 2015

George Kramer presented on the “Telegraph in America” at our October 13 meeting.  He put together a very professional Powerpoint presentation, in addition to displaying a large number of covers and telegrams from his award-winning exhibit.

George first discussed the history of telegraphy, including the roles of both Samuel Morse and his assistant, Alfred Vail.  He then showed many rare postal markings and illustrated covers that documented the growth of telegraphy in the U.S.  Some of the highlights included:  oval markings and stamp-like labels from the Electro Magnetic Telegraph company; cameo advertising from Bain’s Telegraph; pair of 5 cent Franklin stamps on Speed’s telegraph cover; and an illustrated cover for Norton’s Telegraph room.

Other key items included:  five cent Franklin cancelled with elaborate cross-hatching on a very detailed illustrated cover from the Vermont & Boston Telegraph company; pair of 12 cent imperforate stamps on House’s Printing Telegraph cover; Pony Express cover used from Sacramento to NYC in 1861 with $1 stamp; telegram from Southern Telegraph Company signed by General Robert E. Lee; telegram announcing Lee’s surrender to Grant; and many examples of Confederate telegraph covers.