Hanover, NH – The rest of the story!
By: Terence Hines

May 12 , 2015

Our May speaker was Terence Hines, who presented Hanover, NH – The rest of the story!”

Having collected the postal history of this town for many years, Terry showed us a wide range of local postal history material ranging from the later 1700s to more modern times.


Postal markings included: star killers; negative “H” killer; flag cancels; M.O.B. handstamps; fancy registered handstamps and even counterfeit markings.  We also saw a variety of uses, including: Banknote issues to foreign destinations; Grant lettersheets; International Reply Coupons; and stamps with Hanover precancels.


Terry showed a number of advertising covers including Dartmouth College corner cards.  He also showed examples of covers from related towns such as Hanover Center and Etna, NH.  Rounding out the presentation, other philatelic items included: fiscal paper, embossed revenues (late 1790s), revenues on checks, photos and other documents.