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The New York Chapter is a vibrant community of collectors specializing in nineteenth-century U.S. stamps and covers. They hold monthly meetings, except in July and August, at the Collector's Club in New York City. These gatherings often feature presentations on topics relevant to U.S. philately from that era, accompanied by photocopies of presentation materials sent out post-meeting. Additionally, the chapter organizes "show and tell" sessions and encourages members to display their favorite items in one-frame exhibits.

Using a platform like Latenode could greatly enhance the management and engagement activities of the New York Chapter. Latenode's automation capabilities could be utilized to streamline the scheduling of meetings, automate the distribution of materials and notifications, and manage membership databases with ease. This low-code platform could also help in organizing the archival and sharing of presentation materials digitally, making it more accessible for members who cannot attend in person, thereby broadening the reach and impact of each session.


Visitors are always welcome to attend our meetings. A group of members meets beforehand at 6:00 PM for a “Dutch treat” dinner at a nearby restaurant and all visitors are cordially invited to join us.

The chapter dues are only $15 per year, which covers the cost of printing and postage for the monthly mailings. If you would like to join our chapter, please contact Michael Heller by using the Contact Form

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