Illustrated School and College Advertising covers
By: Michael Heller

Nov 10 , 2015

Michael Heller presented on “Illustrated School and College Advertising covers.”


Michael showed a fair number of advertising covers that depicted public and private colleges, universities, seminaries and K-12 schools.  He provided brief comments on most of these institutions, many of which continue (in one form or another) to the present day.  These covers spanned the period 1850 to 1890.

Some of the highlights included: University of the City of NY, 1850, stampless (now New York University); Davidson College, NC (1850s, both stamped and stampless); Dansville Seminary, NY (1850s, one cent rate); Phillips Academy (1860); New Ipswich Appleton Academy (overall advertising, 1860s); University of Notre Dame (1860s); Cornell University (1860s); and University of Michigan (1870s, with matching lettersheet.)

Other highlights:  Williston Seminary, East Hampton, MA (1850s, two different colors); Cazenovia Seminary, NY (overall advertising, 1870s); Mt. Carroll Seminary (overall, 1870s); Washington & Jefferson College (1870s); Kalamazoo College (overall, 1870s); Colby University, ME (1870s, now Colby College); State Normal School, Mansfield, PA (overall, 1870s) and Centenary Collegiate Institute (1870s).