Valentines delivered by Local Posts
By: Larry Lyons

Apr 14 , 2015

Larry Lyons, our speaker on April 14, gave a fascinating presentation on “Valentines delivered by Local Posts.”  After providing us with a brief history of valentines, Larry went on to show many examples of beautiful valentines and the covers used to mail them during the 1840 to 1860 time period.  As noted below, the postal markings and adhesive stamps varied from rare to unique.

The valentines themselves ranged from hand-written poetry to beautiful embossed, multi-color chromolithographs.  There were also a few comic or “vinegar” valentines that delivered quite acerbic messages.

Some of the cover highlights included:  Five cent 1847 issue on ornate envelope; City Despatch carrier stamp; 3-line Valentine’s Day handstamp from Fremont, Ohio; Frasier’s Post (Cincinnati); Libby & Co. City Post handstamp; Page & Keyes handstamp (Boston – one of three known) and Barker’s City Post.

Other highlights:  Walton’s Brooklyn City Express handstamp (one of four known); Brooklyn City Post (one of two recorded examples); Cummings City Post adhesive (1846 – one of five known); Meade’s City Despatch Post; Stone’s City Post handstamp (1848 – one of two known); Wilson’s City Post (operated one season – unique example); Smith & Stevens one cent adhesive (unique); and Walton’s Brooklyn City Express adhesive on cover.