Hanover, New Hampshire Postal History
By: Michael Laurence

Dec 9 , 2014

Michael Laurence was our speaker for December on the topic “Hanover, NH postal history.”  After first discussing collector interest in home town cover collecting, he produced a very comprehensive showing of the different types of postal markings used in this well-known town (home to Dartmouth College), both on stampless and stamped covers.

Michael first showed a wide range of straight line postmarks used in the 1790s and into the early 1800s.  This was followed by the dotted oval postmarks, including one of the earliest year-dated postmarks (1803).  He then showed several covers used during the 1815 War Rate period.

One of the most spectacular markings shown was a virtually perfect large black negative boxed Hanover postmark, which was also accompanied by a boxed PAID.  This was followed by several double oval markings in various colors.  Michael also showed several illustrated advertising covers; duplex cancels; and a cover with a pair of the 12 cent 1869 issue.  He also showed an October 1, 1883 FDC of the two cent Banknote stamp used from Hanover.