One-Frame Members’ Exhibit
By: Members

Jan 13 , 2015

Michael Laurence began the presentations with his fun exhibit on Elvis Presley stamps and covers.  This included a very rare cover from Grenada, one of four known.  Peter Miselis followed with his exhibit on Pan American Exposition postal history, with a focus on covers and postcards related to the assassination of William McKinley.

Dan Ryterband showed a large selection of stamp proofs, including 1847 issue trial color proofs, Roosevelt die proofs, India and card plate proofs (including blocks of four of the 1861 issue).  He also showed a number of Atlanta trial color proofs, 1869 issue inverted center plate proofs, Columbian and Trans-Mississippi issue proofs.

Roger Brody displayed a very interesting series of advertising covers depicting company brands that are still in existence today, along with a history of each of these companies.  Wade Saadi brought a large selection of three cent 1851 – 1861 covers with fancy cancels, including: thimble, Red River steamship, earliest machine cancel (NYC – 1861), Masonic, stars, elaborate geometrics, forts and many others.

Nathan Shmalo showed several pages from his color study of the 1861 one cent stamp, which illustrated how various color shades could be associated with specific months and years.  Bob Lorenz talked about his collection of letters addressed to Captain Robert Griswold, a transatlantic sea captain.