U.S. Revenue Stamped Paper
By: Roger Brody

Mar 8 , 2016

Roger Brody was our speaker in March, on the topic “U.S. Revenue Stamped Paper.”  While Roger has only collected in this area over the last few years, his PowerPoint presentation reflected his strong knowledge of this specialized sector of revenue stamps.

Roger began his presentation with an overview of the history of taxes and duty collections in the U.S.  Beginning with early taxes on imported and domestic spirits, he then reviewed the first and second Federal revenue issues (1797 and 1800).  While there were no internal revenue taxes collected between 1818 and 1861, the advent of the Civil War brought a wide range of product and financial taxes needed to finance the war.

The use of revenue stamped paper began in 1865, ended in 1883 but was restarted in 1898 (due to the Spanish American war).  Roger discussed the various printers of stamped paper and showed many examples of their different imprinted stamps.  This included a large variety of colors and fiscal uses.  He also showed the many different rates, ranging from 2 cents to $1.00.

In addition to his well-developed PowerPoint presentation, Roger lined the Club walls with a great many examples of revenue stamped paper, including checks, insurance documents and other fiscal paper.  We all learned a good deal that evening.