Stuck on Covers
By: Chip Gliedman

Feb 13 , 2017

Chip Gliedman, our speaker for February on the topic “Stuck on Covers”, brought a large variety of fascinating labels used on 19th century covers for many different purposes. These included postage due, soldier’s mail, circular paid, Good Samaritan, express and other types of labels.

Chip started out with a significant holding of Leominster, Massachusetts postage due labels, including one cent, three cent and “Held for Postage” varieties.  A very attractive example was used on a Union patriotic cover.  None of us had seen such a large number of these unusual postage due labels at one time.

Some of the highlights included: soldier’s letter labels (one of two recorded); postmaster official business label; a large group of “Circular Paid” labels; and a series of “Good Samaritan” labels used in a variety of ways.  The latter items were used by mostly charitable groups who voluntarily paid postage on letters missing stamps (that would ordinarily go to the Dead Letter office.)

Other highlights:  Advertising labels used by different local posts (Blood’s, Eagle City Post); many different express company labels used on cover (Adams Express, Wells Fargo, Southern Express, etc.); political and propaganda labels and others.

This collection of unusual postal history was certainly out of the ordinary and was a viewing delight for our members.