First through Third Issue Revenues
By: Dan Ryterband

Jun 13 , 2017

Dan Ryterband was our speaker for June, presenting his outstanding collection of “First through Third Issue Revenues.” While Dan’s revenue stamp collection was mostly complete, he noted that his main focus was quality, not completion.  This focus on quality was very evident throughout his collection.

Dan walked us through his collection in chronological order, starting with the imperforate stamps of the First Issue.  A number of these issues were shown as multiples and a fair number were considered the finest known examples. The $200 bi-color imperforate was a highlight, along with a full sheet of 8 of the perforated version of the $200 stamp.

The complete 1871 Second Issue revenues followed. Highlights included both the small and large Persian Rugs and six different inverted centers.  The five cent invert shown was the only known unused example of this error.

Dan’s presentation of the Third Issue revenues was also complete, along with four different inverted center stamps.  A key highlight was the large $5 proprietary stamp, shown in three versions: violet, green and intermediate paper. Dan noted that there were only three known copies of the rare green paper issue.