Postal Billboards – Some Interesting Dutchess County Advertising Covers
By: Drew Nicholson

Sep 12 , 2017

Drew Nicholson was our September speaker on the topic “Postal Billboards – Some Interesting Dutchess County Advertising Covers.”  Drew brought a fascinating group of advertising covers, reflecting many towns in New York’s Dutchess County and ranging from the 1850s to the early 20th century.  He shared his deep knowledge of the history of this area, which made the presentation very interesting and educational.

Some of the highlights of his talk included: 1850s Amenia Seminary, showing a very detailed engraving of the seminary and grounds; DeGarmo Institute of Rhinebeck (school building); Corliss engine (Fishkill); and Millbrook Inn (hotel – still standing!).  Other advertising topics included:  “quack” medicine; nurseries; agriculture; poultry; groceries; tobacco and dairy cattle.

As the city of Poughkeepsie reflected more than half of the county population, a large portion of these covers were mailed from that city.  Highlights of the Poughkeepsie section included:  Borden’s condensed milk; Moline plow works; Buckeye Mower; Howe and Singer sewing machines; Riverview Academy; newspaper publishers; pianos; organs and many others.  Drew also showed a number of different Eastman Business College covers that were particularly eye-appealing!