One-Frame Members Exhibits
By: Members

Jan 10 , 2017

Our January meeting featured the ever-popular Member’s One-Frame Exhibit. We had six exhibitors, as follows:

Wade Saadi brought a selection of illustrated cameo advertising covers in a variety of shapes and colors.  The covers ranged from the 1850s to the 1870s and included: hotels, life insurance (Charter Oak tree), merchant (ship), musical instruments (melodeon in green), wines (barrel) and other businesses.  As usual, each cover was in extremely fine condition.

Roger Brody put together an assemblage of stamps and covers from the 1902 series.  He included several pages of unusual cancels, precancels and perfins.  Some of the highlights: several bisected stamps on cover (all accepted as postage); two versions of the scarce 1907 Christmas seal on cover; multiple-forwarded (chain) postcard; and a fifty cent stamp used on a document.

Chip Gliedman brought his exhibit of “Chips” covers, illustrating the postal history of a Wells Fargo expressman.  Some of the express markings included: Reynold’s & Co.; Todd’s Express; Adam’s & Co.; Tracy & Co. Oregon Express and many Wells Fargo handstamps and originations (Boston, San Francisco, etc.)

Michael Heller showed a selection of illustrated lettersheets and circulars, covering the period 1836 to 1859.  Highlights included:  surveying instruments (factory, 1836); hay press (including picture of slave operating the press, 1842); tow-boat company  (steamboat pulling barge, 1841); umbrella manufactory, 1847; Hamilton College, 1849; and full-page view of downtown NYC including Astor House, American Hotel and St. Paul’s church, 1853.

Dan Ryterband showed his spectacular exhibit of Free Franked covers from Presidents, Framers of the Constitution, Senators, Congressman, Military Leaders and other famous people.  Presidential free franks included Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Andrew Jackson and several others.  Signers of the Declaration of Independence included Thomas Jefferson, Robert Morris, Elbridge Jerry and Josiah Bartlett.  One page showed free franks of both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.  One of the key items was a free frank from David “Davey” Crockett, a very scarce signature!

Peter Miselis brought a number of very interesting covers from the 1901 period, focused on the Pan American Exposition and the Pan American stamp series, including: cover to North Wales featured a Rebus puzzle address; Pan American patriotic postcard; several covers used from Alaska; and a registered McKinley mourning cover to South Africa.  One of the highlights of this exhibit was a cover with a strip of three 4 cent Pan American stamps cancelled by the famous Port Townsend, WA kicking mule cancel!