Dutchess County Small Towns
By: Drew Nicholson

Sep 10 , 2013

Our speaker for September was Drew Nicholson, on the subject “Dutchess County Small Towns”.  Drew brought a large number of both stamped and stampless covers postmarked in various small towns within Dutchess County, New York.  He also provided the history of many of these towns, some of which no longer exist.

Some of the highlights included:  Arthursburgh (less than 15 families); Bull’s Head; Cambellville, Clinton Corners, Clove, Coffins Summit; Crouse’s Store and Crum Elbow.

Many of these town markings were in manuscript, while others were big enough to have their own handstamps.  One of the earliest items shown was a 1787 folded letter from Fishkill. Drew also showed a stampless cover with a five-line handstamp marking from Pleasant Valley; a straight line marking from Washington, NY and a three-line handstamp from Upper Red Hook.