Creating the Unofficial City FDC Database
By: Henry Scheuer

Jun 12 , 2018

Henry Scheuer, our June speaker, gave us an intriguing talk on his efforts in “Creating the Unofficial City FDC Database” After reviewing the history of similar database development, he got into some of the nitty-gritty issues involving the gathering of data for this database.

Henry noted that this Excel database, which currently spans the years 1922 to 1931, has seven columns of information and over 3200 entries. He also discussed several other related databases that are currently available to FDC researchers.

During the discussion, Henry showed us an unusual Hawaii statehood FDC sent from an unofficial city that travelled over 15,000 miles to get to its destination in Aruba.  The cover started in Hawaii, headed west to Hong Kong (!) and then back across the Pacific on its journey to Aruba. As always, Henry’s talk elicited lively conversation!