Behind the Scenes at the Chronicle
By: Michael Laurence

Sep 13 , 2016

Our September speaker was Michael Laurence, who presented a fascinating talk on “Behind the Scenes at the Chronicle.”  Michael has spent more than 50 years as an editor of various magazines, including Playboy, Linn’s Stamp News and the USPCS Chronicle. His talk described some of the key aspects that make the Chronicle such a successful publication.

Michael described four keys to the Chronicle’s success:  Section Editor structure, professional design, rigorous editing and the separate publication of the Chairmen’s Chatter.

The latter point refers to the fact that the Chronicle focuses on research articles and does not include general Society news.  Instead, a separate publication, the Chairman’s Chatter, provides members with news regarding member exhibits, awards, social gatherings, regional chapter events, etc.

He noted that over 90% of the Chronicle’s content comes through the Section Editors.  While some individuals frequently contribute articles, there were 7 new writers in 2014 and 10 new ones in 2015.  Michael also discussed the use of only 3 typefaces and the importance of careful editing.  At the end of his talk, we all had a greater appreciation of the amount of work needed to continually publish this award-winning journal.