Three Cent 1861 Stamps and Covers
By: Wade Saadi

Mar 12 , 2013

Our March 12 meeting was well attended. Wade Saadi gave a much-appreciated presentation of cancellations on 3¢ 1861 stamps–both on and off cover. The variety was simply enormous and (in the Saadi tradition) the quality of the material was very high.

Wade showed us all manner of fancy cancels, arranged more or less in the order they are categorized in the Skinner-Eno book. We saw simple designs, geometrics, various star motifs, figures and heads, initials, letters, numerals, shields, masonics, FREE, Chicago supplementary mail markings and a whole slew of PAID markings–which, Wade reminded us, exist so abundantly on 3¢ 1861 stamps that George Linn actually wrote an entire book about them.