Postal History, Parcel Post Postage Due Stamps – Part II
By: Wade Saadi

Apr 4 , 2017

Wade Saadi was our April speaker, where he presented Part II of his talk on “Parcel Post Postage Due Postal History.”  Much of Wade’s presentation focused on the scarce higher values of this stamp series, most of which were neatly tied to each cover.

The first few covers focused on PPPD stamps used on special delivery mail.  Wade then showed several examples of these stamps paying actual parcel post charges.  These included an example paying the 5 cent fee on a package from Denmark and a parcel wrapper with two 25 cent stamps.

These were followed by WWI Field Post covers, including: two 5 cent stamps on a soldier’s lettersheet; four 1 cent stamps on cover from India; and a 10 cent stamp on cover from France.

The next group of covers focused on incoming foreign mail.  Wade showed an incredible variety of uses, including examples from the following countries:  Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Greece, Russia, Uruguay, Columbia, Chile and many others!

Finally, Wade brought out a number of items franked with the rare 25 cent PPPD stamp, including four 25 cent stamps on a wrapper from Brussels and a cover with a bisect of the 25 cent stamp.  We all appreciated the great scarcity of these covers!