U.S. Zeppelin Mail
By: Dan Ryterband

Apr 12 , 2016

Our speaker for April was Dan Ryterband, who showed his collection of “U.S. Zeppelin Mail.”  While the time frame of this material was somewhat later than the usual 19th century, the outstanding beauty, rarity and condition of the covers presented that evening more than compensated for the time difference!

Dan began the presentation with an overview of Zeppelin mail and showed a large variety of covers sent to Germany and other destinations with an amazing assortment of different U. S. postage stamps.  Many of these covers had multiple copies of the early airmail stamps (C1 – C6), along with a host of other commemorative and definitive stamps.  One particular cover included both the 30 cent and 50 cent Columbian issues.

The main part of Dan’s presentation focused on the Graf Zeppelin issues, C13 – C15.  We were treated to a large array of covers reflecting most of the many different flights and destinations.  Some of the highlights included two different first day covers showing the full set of Zeppelin stamps and many covers with strips and blocks of the stamps.  One of the key (possibly unique) items was a cover franked with plate blocks of the three stamps!  We all agreed that we had never seen such an extensive holding of this popular stamp series on cover.