Civil War Patriotic Labels

By: Chip Gliedman
Apr 10 , 2018

Chip Gliedman was our presenter on April 10, on the topic “Civil War Patriotic Labels.”  Chip brought his very extensive collection of Civil War period covers, each of which had a colorful patriotic label attached.  He noted that these covers were relatively hard to find, with a scarcity of about 100:1 compared to regular patriotic covers.

These labels featured many different types of designs, including eagles, flags, famous people (e.g., Washington) and others.  While many of these covers were franked with regular 3 cent stamps, other values included 1 and 2 cent stamps, and even a Blood’s local.

Chip also showed several full sheets of these labels, some in a variety of different colors.  Highlights included a trans-continental cover and three very rare Confederate covers with labels.