Wade Saadi – The 3¢ 1861 Fancy Cancels

Nov 1 , 1998


November 1998 page1 Our last speaker was Wade Saadi, who presented fancy cancels of the 3¢ 1861 issue in glorious profusion.  It was practically an illustrated version of Amos Eno’s U.S. Cancellations 1845-1869 section on the 1861s.  There was page after age of stamps withNovember 1998 page2 radial cancels, pinwheels, polygons, fancy geometrics, stars, crosses, patriotics, masonics, year dates, numerals, letters, words, heads objects and the ever popular Waterbury killers.  Each was selected to be among the finest known in eye appeal and completeness of the marking centered on the stamps.

November 1998 page 4Mr. Saadi also presented his philosophy of collecting and exhibiting as well as trenchant comments upon the market for fancy cancels.  He also contrasted pages of old-type fancy cancel exhibiting with his new proposed pages as well as the stock sheets of work-in-progress.  It was a thrill to see the best bird-in-nest, running fox, and dozens of others rare cancels, some as yet unlisted.November 1998 page 3