The 1851 Issues, Ones Not Shown in my Exhibit
By: Wade Saadi

Nov 8 , 2011

Wade Saadi was our speaker for November, on the topic “The 1851 Issues, Ones Not Shown in My Exhibit”.  While the stamps and covers that Wade showed that evening may not have made it into his exhibit, each of the member’s present would have been very happy to include any of these items in his own collection!

Each stamp or cover was picked for its attractiveness, cancellation or unusual usage.  Many were struck with a fancy cancel, rare postal marking or just represented a beautiful stamp.  Some of the highlights included: 1853 CDS on a one cent blue stamp; Blood red Taunton postmark on a three cent red; Kickapoo City, KT postmark; red Mobile, Ala “paint’ cancel; green Shrewsbury, NJ; and a Camp Floyd, UT cancel on pair of three cent stamps.

There were several large corner margin copies of the three cent red on cover; many scarce railroad cancellations; several stamps cancelled with fancy doodling; Santa Fe, NM and Vancouver, W.T. cancels on three cent stamp pairs; and a number of hand-drawn cancels on cover.  Other highlights: three cent block of 12 postmarked Chicago; strip of seven of the three cent yellow rose red stamp; pair of three cent stamps with “Via Nicaragua, Ahead of the Mails” cancel; and the largest known used multiple of the three cent Orange Brown (block of 8).