Patriotic cancels of the American Civil War
By: Wade Saadi

Feb 9 , 2010

Wade Saadi, our speaker on Feb. 9 on the topic “Patriotic Cancels of the American Civil War.”, presented a wonderful array of rare and beautiful stamps and covers.  Using both a PowerPoint presentation and the actual material, Wade showed a great many designs and styles of cancellations and postmarks with patriotic themes used on 1851, 1857 and 1861 issue stamps.

These cancels included: stars with shields; flags in circles; shields of bars; straight  line “Union”; and many others.  Highlights included: Pair 1 cent 1857 issue with “Old Stamp/Not Recognized” cancel; 3 cent 1857 issue on cover cancelled Old Stamp/Not Recognized”; and 3 cent issue on cover cancelled “Southern Letter Unpaid”.  There were many examples of fancy cancels on stamps used on and off cover, such as: Union soldier’s head; cannon; horse’s head and eagles.  In addition to the many examples of patriotic and fancy cancels on the 1 cent and 3 cent issues, Wade’s collection included scarce cancels used on higher values such as the 24 cent and 30 cent issues.