High values of the 1861 issues
By: Wade Saadi

Jan 1 , 2001

Wade Saadi led our January 9thJanuary2001page1 seminar at which he presented the fourth of his series on early classic off-cover staJanuary2001page2mps by showing the 1861 issue except for the 3¢.  Attached are six pages of selected stamps and cancellations.  They are part of a much larger showing.  For example, he presented 88 Blackjack adhesives and 32 of the 12¢ and 18 of the 15¢ Lincoln copies.  The latter were four-margin examples, a scarcity with this particular value.  There were pages of the one cent, a particular favorite of his, as well as a good selection of the shades and cancels on the 5¢.

Among the 24¢ stamps, there were 28 examples of the red lilac (Scott #70), 13 of the brown-lilac (Scott 70a)l, 15 of the steel blue (Scott 70b), four of the violets (Scott 70c) and 13 of the gray violet on thin paper (Scott 70d).  There were ten lilacs (Scott #78),January2001page3 twelve grayish lilac (Scott 78a), fourteen grays (Scott 78b), and four blackish violets (Scott 78c).  Wade showed 90examples of the 30¢orange and eleven of the 90¢.January2001page4

For most values there were examples of the San Francisco ‘cogs’, the Hingham ‘bats’ and the New York ‘soldier’s head’ killers.  Characteristic of almost every one of Mr. Saadi’s stamps was the clarity of the strike and its relative completeness on the stamp as can be seen by the few examples selected for the leave-behind.




Color study of the 24 cent issue

24cent1861colors1                                                            24cent1861colors2