U.S. Presidential Inaugurations – Washington to Trump
By: Henry Scheuer

Apr 9 , 2019

Our speaker for April, Henry Scheuer, regaled us with many interesting stories during his presentation on “U.S. Presidential Inaugurations– Washington to Trump.”  During his talk, Henry showed a fair number of covers and/or letters posted or written on the inauguration date of a U.S. president. 

Henry first described how he purchased a souvenir sheet from an African country at the NY2016 stamp show, depicting famous New York residents including Donald Trump.  Subsequent to the election, Henry had the sheet cancelled on a cover, on Trump’s inauguration date. 

This was followed by a postcard cancelled on Truman’s inauguration date in 1949 and a cover posted in 1913 on Wilson’s inauguration date.  Henry then showed covers cancelled on the dates of McKinley’s and Kennedy’s assassination. 

Other inauguration covers included: Grover Cleveland (1893), James Garfield (1887), Abraham Lincoln (1865) and Andrew Jackson (1829).  The pièce de résistance of this showing was the earliest known privately available inauguration cover – a folded letter dated March 4, 1793 in Philadelphia, representing Washington’s second inauguration!