Two Cent Columbian- Post Card and Postal Card uses
By: Tom Corette

Oct 12 , 2010

Our speaker for October was Tom Corette, who presented on the “Two-Cent Columbian – Post Card and Postal Card Uses”.  As one of the leading experts on the two-cent Columbian issue, Tom was able to show a great many examples of this stamp used on both government postal cards and on private cards.

Tom first discussed the postal rates in effect in the 1890s regarding both governmental and private cards, which only allowed for a very limited number of situations where the two-cent Columbian stamp could be used.   Some of the examples shown included: use as a reply card; private card domestic uses; and uses to foreign destinations, both with and without postage due.  Other interesting examples included: a card used in Germany with the two-cent Columbian paying German postage; Supplementary mail; and many examples of this stamp used on both Kohler and Goldsmith exposition cards.   Given the limited use of this stamp on post cards, Tom’s showing was very impressive!