The 1847 Issue
By: Dan Ryterband

Mar 12 , 2019

Dan Ryterband was our speaker for March, with a fabulous showing of “The 1847 issue.”

Dan’s talk started out with many single five and ten cent 1847 issue stamps, all 4-margin copies with a large variety of interesting cancels, including  the scarab of St. Johnsbury, VT. There were also many different shade varieties, including six orange-reds and a single and pair of the rare red-orange shade (one of two known pairs).

The next section involved 1847 issue covers from different cities, virtually all with 4-margin stamps and clear postal markings.  Some of the highlights included: five cent seal brown on cover; “R” registered handstamp on ten cent cover from Baltimore; Binghamton herringbone cancel; ten cent issue illegally re-used; and a pair of five cent stamps on a lovely Valentine’s Day cover.

Another grouping included a large number of railroad markings.  There was also a rare “name of boat” Steamer Hekla marking on a five cent issue cover.  These were followed by examples of the 1847 issue with local stamps, including Bouton’s City Despatch, Blood’s Despatch, Swarts City Despatch and Boyd’s City Express.

Finally, Dan showed several 1847 issue covers mailed to Canada, England and France. The final cover had a ten cent issue diagonal bisect!  All in all, it was quite a showing of scarce stamps and covers in immaculate condition.