School and College Advertising Covers
By: Michael Heller

Oct 15 , 2019

Michael Heller was our October speaker on the topic “School and College Advertising Covers.”  He brought about 60 covers that encompassed a wide range of private schools, seminaries, colleges and universities, each showing a picture of the school building and often the surrounding grounds.  The covers were dated between the 1850s and the 1880s.

With each school, Michael gave a brief description of the institution’s history.  In many instances, the schools remained active to the present time, albeit with some name changes.  Some of the earlier ones included: University of the City of New York (now NYU); Davidson College (shown both stamped and stampless); Dansville Seminary; Bordentown Female College; Falley Seminary (two versions) and Mount Joy Academy (cameo illustration).

Other schools included: Williston Seminary; Amenia Seminary; Phillips Academy (now Phillips Academy Andover); Iron City College; University of Michigan; University of Notre Dame; Moravian Seminary and Hudson River Institute.