S. Allen Taylor forgeries of U.S. Carriers & Locals, Part II
By: Larry Lyons

Sep 10 , 2019

Our September speaker was Larry Lyons, who presented Part II of his fascinating talk on S. Allen Taylor forgeries of U.S. Carriers & Locals.  Larry started his talk with an overview of the early history of individuals who created forgeries or facsimiles of local and carrier stamps, in order to satisfy the growing interest in stamp collecting.  Apparently, the collecting of these spurious stamps was quite acceptable at the time.

Beginning in 1864, Taylor was one of the most prolific producers of facsimile locals, carriers and fantasy issues.  Larry also mentioned George Hussey and Walter Scott as other stamp forgers.  In fact, until 1988, the Scott catalog illustrations of locals reflected mostly forgeries!

Larry then showed his collection of Taylor forgeries, segmented by an amazing array of colors and shades.  He explained that Taylor created “forms” which were one-page prints that showed different types of stamps, all in a particular color and type of paper.  While all of these forms were cut up into separate stamps, Larry was able to re-create the essence of these forms by matching up stamps of distinct colors, shades and paper.

We were all astounded by the huge effort Larry made to assemble the thousands of stamps needed to categorize them by color and paper and then re-assemble them by their original form! Needless to say, we all appreciated seeing this major work.