Peter Schwartz – Classic Proofs and Essays

Dec 1 , 1998

Peter Schwartz, our guest speaker for December, gave a very interesting and informative talk on U.S. essays and proofs, and the use of the Internet in collecting. Peter brought along computer equipment and graphically demonstrated his website, Essay-Proofs Collectors Online, to all of the attending members. As he clicked his way from one “page” of the website to another, one could recognize the vast wealth of information that can be offered through such a website. He showed how the scanned images could be instantly enlarged, allowing one to examine a particular proof or essay in extreme detail. Peter noted that the site was only nine months old, yet now contained over 200 pages of articles, scanned images of essays and proofs and original research. For those who have Internet access, the site can be found at : Peter also brought along a few albums of actual proofs and essays for us to view.


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