Peter DuPuy – 30 and 90 Cent 1861 Issue

Mar 1 , 1997

Our March meeting featured Peter Dupuy, who presented us with a fabulous showing of his 30 cent and 90 cent 1861 issue stamps and covers. Peter’s talk started with a very comprehensive slide presentation. He showed many different types of essays, proofs and specimens of these two rather scarce issues. His slides went on to show the actual stamps, both mint and used, including large multiples and stamps with many fancy and unusual cancels. This was followed by slides of a large number of covers, quite a number of which were mailed to scarce and exotic countries. After the slide show, we were treated to the real thing! Peter laid out a table full of pages containing 30 and 90 cent stamps and covers, including some very rare multiple stamp usages. All in all, Peter’s presentation was a sight to behold! Here is just a sample of the items shown that evening:


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