Parcel Post Postage Due, Postal History
By: Wade Saadi

Nov 12 , 2019

Our November speaker was Wade Saadi, who presented his wonderful exhibit on “Parcel Post Postage Due Postal History.”  Wade first gave us a brief history of the use of Parcel Post Postage Due (PPPD) stamps and how their use spanned from 1913 to the 1920s. He then showed many examples of PPPD stamps used for both domestic and foreign mail.

His domestic uses included: bisected stamp (not accepted); several examples on advertising covers and post cards; use of PPPD stamps to pay ordinary first class mail; and uses on registered letters and special delivery mail. One cover had blocks of six and eight of the 1 cent stamp!

Some of the scarcest covers showed use of the 25 cent PPPD stamp, particularly to pay postage due on a stack of covers.  One cover had a pair of the 25 cent stamp, while another was franked with two 25 cent stamps to pay the Customs fee. 

Wade also showed examples of PPPD stamps used on in-bound foreign mail from a great many countries such as: England, France, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Russia, India, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Malta, Egypt and many others.  One highlight was a parcel wrapper from Belgium franked with two pairs of the scarce 25 cent issue!