District of Maine
By: Nancy Z. Clark

Dec 1 , 2002

The vote was held and statehood was near. On October 11, 1819 the state constitutional convention was called to order.
March 15, 1820 Maine became a state. As the 23rd state to enter the Union, they were admitted along with Missouri; Maine as a free state, Missouri as a slave state. This was called the Missouri Compromise. It kept the balance within the U.s. Senate unchanged.

Governors of Maine through 1831

Elected Name Left Office
1820 William King resigned May 1821
1821, May William D. Williamson December 1821 (was Pres. of Senate, Acting Gov.)
1822 Albion K Parris 1827
1827 Enoch Lincoln Died Aug. 1829
1829 Nathan Cutler Jan 1830 (was Pres. of Senate, Acting Gov.)
1830 Jonathan G. Hunton 1831
1831 Samuel E. Smith


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