Ten cent 1869 issue
By: Michael Laurence

Apr 1 , 2000


April2000page2Michael Laurence, the publisher of Linn’s and a major student of the 10¢ 1869 was our April seminar leader.  He presented a slide show of the ten cent 1869 issue ranging from proofs and essays to reprints, with a wide selection of covers.  For his leave-behind, Mr. Laurence selected several pages of mail to France, which are enclosed.  He also provided suggested readings on the subject from Chronicle.  They ranged from Chronicle #96 (11/77) pages 256-269 (treaty rate), #99 (8/78) (a follow-up) pages 199-201, the last day of the 15¢ rate #106 (2/80) pages 50-l, to direct post-treaty covers #110 (May 1981) pages 116-125.  To supplement his leave-behind focus on French mails, I have put on the reverse a series of rare covers from the Coulter collection addressed to unusual destinations.April2000page1

A feature that non-attendees missed was a short discussion with Mr. Laurence, Steven Rod and others on how the Internet is currently affecting philately and some probable future consequences.  Interest was so great it may be a future seminar topic.