Michael Laurence & Michael Heller – “Signed in the plate” illustrated advertising covers from Chicago

Dec 9 , 2009

At our meeting on December 8, Michael Laurence and I gave a joint presentation on “signed in the plate” illustrated advertising covers from Chicago.  Each of the covers shown that evening had the name of the engraver/printer embedded within the illustration.  While most of these illustrations were printed from wood engravings, many were also prepared through lithography.

Michael noted that his collection reflected more than 100 different printers and that Chicago may have been the main center for wood engravers.  Many different covers were shown, reflecting engravers such as: Manz, Baker, Noble (of Barnes& Noble), Petit, Melville, Vandercook and Rand McNally (mapmaker).  While many different products were reflected in the illustrations, hotels and other buildings dominated the presentation.