Domestic Covers Bearing 10 Cent 1869 Stamp
By: Michael Laurence

Dec 10 , 2012

Michael Laurence was our December speaker, on the topicDomestic covers bearing the U.S. 10c 1869 stamp.”  Michael noted that there were about 45 known domestic uses of this stamp, of which 27 were included in his presentation.  Many of these covers reflected multiples of the basic three cent domestic rate (5X, 7X, 9X, 10X, etc. up to 15 X rate).  In most cases, these multiple rate covers included other stamps from either the 1869 or the Banknote series.

Other covers reflected registry uses (8, 10 and 15 cent fees), including a fabulous 4-color franking from the Shaw correspondence and one cover franked with a ten cent 1869 plate proof.  The most unusual use was a “book rate” cover franked with two ten cent stamps and a 24 cent 1869 stamp.  Given the relatively small number of known domestic uses of this stamp, Michael’s collection was very impressive!