Members Show-and Tell

Dec 1 , 1997




During the Civil War the Adams Express company and its subsidiary Harnden were involved in transporting coffins and death records back to the families.  First is a Harnden Express card that was attached to a coffin to be carried back home. The face of the card depicts Winfield Scott and McClellan; the back shows services for soldiers provided by Harnden. Second are two records of how death certificates were sent—one by post and one by Adams.  The letter by post was sent from the U.S.A. Hospital at Broad and Cherry Streets in Philadelphia March 19th, 1865. The one sent by Adams was posted at City Point, VA March 24, 1864 and was prepaid 3/-.  It is addressed to Killingly, CT. via New York.


This was called ‘machine poetry, and was a poem on the death of a favorite bird that was sent FREE by the Boyd’s local to James Gordon Bennett’s New York Herald newspaper.  It is a typical example of a local post giving free delivery mail to newspapers. I have not found them as scarce as reported in the literature.