Members’ One-Frame Exhibit
By: Members

Jan 8 , 2013

Our Members’ One-Frame Exhibit was held on January 8 and, as always, was a great success!  This year, we had no less than six members exhibiting part of their collection.

Wade Saadi showed a large number of fancy cancels on the three cent 1861 issue on cover.  Some of the fancy cancels displayed included: Waterbury Pumpkin; shields; stars; mortar & pestle; skull; and various letters.  Roger Brody showed many different revenue stamps, including several on their original document.  The stamp varieties included: perforated, imperforate, part-perforate, etc.  One of the best items displayed was the very rare six cent propriety stamp.

Dan Ryterband showed a fabulous display of rare Confederate State Postmaster Provisionals, most of which were on their original cover.  Some of the highlights included stamps from: Memphis, TN (on patriotic cover); Athens, GA; Baton Rouge (multi-color); and Macon, GA (on advertising cover). A particularly rare cover from New Orleans had 3 two-cent blue stamps plus a five cent brown stamp, overpaying the 10 cent rate.

My exhibit included a number of illustrated advertising covers (showing various buildings), each with a matching illustrated lettersheet.  These covers ranged from the 1850s to the 1890s, and illustrated hotels, factories and colleges.  Michael Laurence exhibited ten cent 1869 covers sent overseas via British international mail.  Many of these covers showed combinations of the ten cent stamp with others stamps.  Destinations included: England, France, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Spain and India.

Carol Bommerito, one of our newest members, displayed some of her transatlantic covers, all of which went through Liverpool.  One of the highlights of this exhibit was a cover representing the first use of an 1847 issue stamp to England!  Carol also showed the first 1847 issue cover mailed to Holland, as well as hand-illustrated covers, patriotic covers, and many other interested items.