Members’ One-Frame Exhibit
By: Members

Jan 10 , 2012

Our meeting in January was the ever-popular Member’s One-Frame Exhibit.  The following members participated in this exhibition:

Dan Ryterband exhibited his collection of free franks of presidents and other famous people.  Some of the highlights of his collection included free franks of: George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and many other Presidents and historical figures .  One of the most interesting free franks was that of Davy Crockett, who signed this cover with the more formal David Crockett.

Wade Saadi brought many covers, with cancellations on the 3¢ 1861 being the focus.  These covers were not part of Wade’s regular exhibit, so he was showing them for the first time.  There were many great cancels, including: stars, shields, crosses and many fancy geometric cancels.  Wade also showed the only cover with multiple strikes of the Putnam, CT “month” (October) cancel.

Michael Laurence exhibited a large selection of 10 cent 1869 stamps.  His exhibit included stamps with fancy cancels, colored cancels, letter cancels and many others.  Some of the highlights included a very rare block of four and stamps indicating usage in Japan or China.

Larry Lyons exhibited his collection of Honour’s City Express stamps on cover, which operated as a carrier in Charleston, SC.  Larry showed virtually every variety of this stamp over the entire period that this carrier was in operation.  This included a number of stamps with spelling errors and several unique items.