Member’s One-Frame Exhibit
By: Various members

Jan 12 , 2021

We had a great group of presenters at our last New York Chapter USPCS meeting, held on January 12. This was our annual Member’s Exhibit and no less than 8 individuals showed a variety of fascinating material. Here is a summary of their presentations:

Wade Saadi showed a number of covers that were free-franked by U.S. presidents, their widows or by other famous people. A highlight was a cover franked by George Washington in 1777. Others included: Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, General Sherman and Lucretia Garfield.

Roger Brody’s exhibit focused on colorful illustrated advertising covers of companies or their products that were more than 100 years old and are still around. Examples included: Smith Brothers (lozenges); Standard Oil; Johnston & Murphy (shoes); Hartford Insurance Company and Liggett & Myers Tobacco.

Labron Harris showed several covers with 1890s regular issue stamps used as postage dues. Examples included covers mailed from Argentina, Germany, England and Cuba, as well as some domestic covers requiring postage due. Labron noted the scarcity of these items, as most all other examples of 19th century postage due covers reflected either postage due stamps or just handstamps.

Ken Gilbart’s exhibit showed a number of patriotic and express mail covers. This included: Civil War patriotic covers used from California; combination Wells Fargo and Salmon River & Nez Perces Express; early DWI to U.S.; 1866 Vermont to St. Helena island; and a letter sent from the U.S. to a convict in Western Australia.

Don Getzin put together an exhibit on the 1846 Providence, RI Postmaster Provisionals and their reprints. It included examples of the two different stamps, a full intact sheet of the original stamps and an intact sheet of the reprint. Don discussed how to differentiate between the original stamps and the reprints or forgeries.

David D’Alessandris showed a very rare postal marking on the back of a folded letter sent to Annapolis, Nova Scotia. Discovered on eBay, it turned out to be one of two known examples of the Packet LTR movable type handstamp.

Chip Gliedman’s exhibit showed a number of scarce covers illustrating the Leominster, MA provisional postage due and instructional labels. Chip provided us with a history of these unusual labels and then showed covers from the 1850s and 1860s that displayed a large variety of colorful postage due, forwarded and other instructional labels.

Finally, Dan Ryterband discussed his incredible one-frame exhibit on the “Ten Cent Copper Plate Engraved Stamps of the Rebel States.” He first discussed the “TEN” cent stamp variety and showed one of the largest unused multiples of the stamp; the largest multiple use on cover; and one of the finest known mint blocks. This was followed by the scarce “Frameline” variety, including the only recorded block; the largest recorded mint multiple and the largest recorded used multiple of the stamp. The next part of the exhibit focused on rates and uses of these two stamp varieties, included a number of unique uses. Other sections of the exhibit looked at adversity uses, illustrated patriotic covers and prisoner of war uses.