Member’s One-Frame Exhibit
By: Members

Jan 14 , 2020

Our January meeting featured the popular Members One-Frame Exhibit and we had presentations from four members.  Michael Laurence presented first with his exhibit of the ten cent 1869 issue used on postal stationery.  He noted that there are only 23 different known examples of this issue on postal stationery.  The exhibit started with four unique Lincoln imprint essays on different envelopes, followed by many different registered covers, including the unique ten cent stamp with one cent stationery.  He also showed the ten cent stamp on a nine cent “lemon drop” envelope and two examples of the ten cent plate proof used on cover.

Chip Gliedman followed with his exhibit on Maps and the Mail.  The star item was a one cent 1861 issue stamp on a multicolor Magnus overall map illustrated cover. He also showed covers with a Nebraska land map and maps showing railroad links.  Another highlight was an illustrated Kelly’s Island map advertisement.  Chip also showed a Confederate adversity cover made from a map.

Wade Saadi presented next with his exhibit of ‘Ladies Envelopes’ used with the 1851-1857 issue.  Wade showed a variety of ornate and embossed envelopes, most being of a rather small size and several Valentine covers (including one with a nice #11 pair).  Many of these covers showed embossed figures and, of course, all of these covers were in very fine condition!

Don Getzin then presented on the three cent 1851-1857 issues, showing both stamps and covers.  He showed examples of the three cent ‘trime’ coins, which he noted were produced as a result of the March 1851 postal act.  Other highlights included: July 1, 1851 first day cover; examples of stamps from the 13 different plates; and a large ‘color chart’ set of stamps showing most every shade and color of the three cent issue, including the rare plum and pinkish shades.