The Production of the 1893 Columbian Envelopes
By: Marvin Platt

Dec 14 , 2010

Our December speaker was Marvin Platt, who delivered a fascinating PowerPoint presentation on “My Interpretation of the Columbian Envelopes of 1893.”  Marvin began the presentation with background information on the Columbian Exposition.  He then described the number of different Columbian envelopes issued, totaling about 107 million.

Marvin showed various Columbian envelope essays as well as the approved design.  He also showed examples of various die varieties and essays of envelope watermarks.  Marvin then discussed the genealogy of the Columbian envelope design and various aspects of paper production.  He also showed examples of paper errors (e.g., missing watermark) and misplaced impressions, albinos, etc.  Some of the rare items shown included: two cent and five cent errors of color; a first day use of the five cent envelope and the EKU of the two cent envelope.