Swarts City Dispatch Post
By: Larry Lyons

Feb 12 , 2013

Larry Lyons was our speaker for February, showing his very comprehensive collection of Swarts’ City Dispatch Post stamps and covers.  Larry first provided us with a good deal of history behind this local post, which span the years 1847 to 1856. He then showed us many examples of covers that traced Swarts’ business from inception to end.

Some of the highlights included:  first use of Swarts’ handstamp (one of two known); local stamps and handstamps used with the five cent 1847 stamp; blue and black Zachary Taylor stamps used on cover; and different ‘stones’ of the green Swarts’ stamp.  Larry also showed examples of local delivery by Swarts of mail given to other local posts.

Other highlights included: only known Swarts adhesive on letter to Mexico; red on bluish one cent stamp on cover (only known cover); and the only example of Swarts’ light blue on thin paper stamp on cover.