New Orleans Carriers – 1851-1860
By: Larry Lyons

Sep 13 , 2011

Larry Lyons, our speaker for September, gave a fascinating presentation on “New Orleans Carriers, 1851 – 1860”.  Larry brought all of the pages from his gold medal one-frame exhibit, supplemented by many other covers that illustrated the post office carrier system in New Orleans during this time period.

Larry first discussed the carrier rate system and their charges: one cent to the post office and two cents from the post office or from house to house.  He also described the many different postal markings in use during this time.  Highlights of the collection included: earliest carrier letter in New Orleans; many examples of the “snow shovel” handstamp; covers mailed from foreign countries; markings indicating advertising charges, etc.   Larry also showed all three known examples of the rare “Paid Car 1” handstamp.  The collection was very comprehensive and we learned a good deal about the carrier system that evening.