Larry Lyons, Calvet M. Hahn – Brooklyn locals

Sep 1 , 2002

Our September 10, 2002 seminar on Brooklyn locals was lead by Larry Lyons and Calvet Hahn. They showed examples from almost all the known locals. Some 17 locals and independent mail operations were discussed. The existence of a Boyd, Kidder, Brooklyn and Hussey 3¢ Brooklyn rate was presented with documenting covers. Cal showed the earliest Boyd’s Brooklyn and the earliest Kidder’s cover and the latest Bush cover and Mr. Lyons showed the latest Jones cover.
A particular focus was the Brooklyn City Express Post, whose Scott listings mix together a series of different posts, each using different adhesives although new beginning and ending dating limits for some of the others was also proposed.

The need for further research, if possible, on some of the late locals such as Coater & Ray’s, the Brooklyn City Post and Robison & Co. was also underscored. Mr. Lyons showed examples of three of the five existing versions of the Pip’s local adhesive, presumably ex-William P. Brown, as well as the only known block of the Ledger Despatch presumably ex-Phillip LaTourette. He also showed examples of the Robison, Rogers and McNish local adhesives, the Hall Walton cover, as well as a lovely conjunctive Boyd and Brooklyn City Express Post example with a 28L5.