Boston handstamps found on carrier covers, 1849-1863
By: Larry Lyons

Sep 14 , 2010

Our speaker for September, Larry Lyons, delivered a wonderful presentation on “Boston handstamps found on Carrier covers – 1849-1863”.  This presentation was based on Larry’s award-winning exhibit of Boston carrier covers, plus some additional material.  Larry first described some of the history of carrier mail and then showed many examples of carrier covers, both with adhesive stamps and handstamps.

Some of the highlights of this collection included:  Valentine uses; Penny Post stamp used with a Scott #1 to Canada; a rare example of a Penny Post stamp with adhesive applied to the face of the stamp, used face down on a cover; examples of Penny Post stamps with missing or wrong “ornaments”; and a Penny Post stamp used to St. John’s, New Foundland.

Other important covers included: 3-bar “Penny Post Paid” handstamp used locally;  the only recorded example of an “East Boston” carrier handstamp on a Valentine cover; first and last day uses of the “Due 1 Cent” handstamp; carrier uses with patriotic and advertising cachets; and the use of demonetized stamps to pay the carrier fee.  All in all, it was a terrific showing of scarce material.