Selected Rarities
By: Larry Hunt

Oct 9 , 2012

Larry Hunt spoke at our October meeting, on the topic of “Selected Rarities.”  Larry brought with him a fabulous array of rare and interesting stamps and postal history, covering a wide range of 19th century philately.   Larry began his presentation with an overview of the forms and causes of rarity.  He then reviewed a number of rarity scales, including Simpson’s, Cole’s and Rohloff’s.

Some of the rarities shown that evening included: Scott #5 (7RIE), one of about 100 known copies; Scott 5a, 6 and 6b; the finest known #8; #7 on possible first day of use circular; pos. 99R2 (in strip of 3); and three inverted transfers on one cent imperf. (strip of 3);

Other stamp rarities included: Scott 18, 20 in block of 6; Scott 21, 23; ten cent St. Louis Bear provisional stamp; AEF two cent red, complete booklet pane; two cent Black Jack with the Atherton shift; and a $500 Persian Rug revenue stamp.

Other postal history rarities included: S/L “Via Nicaragua Ahead of the Mail” on three cent imperf; S/L “Old Stamps Not Recognized” on patriotic cover; “Forwarded by U.S. Naval Lyceum” handstamp on stampless cover; Charles Town S/L handstamp used in 1781 during British Occupation; highest rate on a Depreciated Currency cover; “Southern Letter Unpaid” marking on cover; and a 9-star flag Confederate patriotic cover.