S. Allen Taylor Forgeries of U.S. Carriers & Locals
By: Larry Lyons

Dec 11 , 2018

Larry Lyons was our speaker for December on the topic “S. Allen Taylor forgeries of U.S. Carriers & Locals.” It would be an understatement to say that our members were astonished by the depth and breadth of Larry’s collection of material created by the most prolific forger of Carrier and Local Post stamps!

Larry began his presentation by providing us with background information on S. Allen Taylor and then described how he amassed this holding, including the purchase of large forgery collections from well-known collectors in this field.  He then went into detail regarding the process used by Taylor to create both forgeries and bogus post stamps.

Larry then passed around page after page of highly quality color photocopies of the many Taylor stamps, with each page representing a particular local post or carrier, but showing an incredible array of design variations, colors and shades.  In some cases, there were hundreds of different examples associated with a particular local post (e.g., Bloods, Boyds, etc.)

All in all, we saw perhaps 6,000 different varieties of Taylor’s material, mostly produced between the early 1860s and 1880s.  Larry also showed several assembled Taylor “forms”, which were the equivalent of stamp “sheets”, but with all different stamps on each form, in a single color.  In particular, we could not imagine the amount of time expended by Larry in just assembling the hundreds of pages of material he brought that evening.  As Larry had to move quickly through his presentation, we all look forward to Part II of this presentation in the near future!